Join me, Emily Barnes, secondary school teacher, well being coach and researcher, as I provide practical guidance on how to create the lives we want to live and be truly influential to the young people around us, in my exclusive Master Class.

My Master Class will cover the fundamentals of how to be an influential role model, how to be more by doing less and make the most of your time, and how to be the most exemplary educator in facilitating creative, self-aware and entrepreneurial students. This includes:

  • well being starts with us; building ourselves up, discovering what lights us up and playing to our strengths
  • the importance of being human and modelling this to the young people in our lives
  • how to educate and promote self-efficacy, self-empowerment and entrepreneurial spirited young people


Attendees will walk away with the following:

  • an understanding of the less is more approach: how to be more by doing less
  • a set of skills that shift the focus from external stimulus, to how we process information ourselves, and how we work with young people during restorative practices
  • knowledge of how to model healthy well being through vulnerability, being human and self-care/empowerment
  • knowledge of how to promote creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and self-awareness in young people
  • knowledge of how to promote healthy and responsible use of the internet: the importance of technology and how to expand its uses from socialising to personal and professional development
  • access to free lesson plans for teachers and practical tools you can take back to your school and classroom to help you get the most out of your time and effort
  • practical tools that equip you with living and creating your best life, and how this is the most effective way to educate those around you: it starts with you!


This class is great for:

  • school teachers (primary or secondary) or university students studying Education
  • parents of adolescence or people who have young people in their lives that they care about
  • people who work with adolescence, eg. sport coaches

My ABN is 59834706985 if you wish to claim this Master Class on tax.


5.30pm: Arrival and Registration

5.40pm: My story and what problem we can solve together

6.00pm: It starts with our own well being

6.30pm: Creating entrepreneurial and self-empowered students

7.00pm: Time for questions, queries and discussion

7.15pm: Event concludes


You can read more about me and my philosophy by clicking here and visiting my About page.

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Eventbrite - Emily Barnes' Master Class: empowering young people by empowering ourselves

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