Hey, I’m Emily!

One of my motivations for becoming interested in health and psychology is that I was – and still can be – a bit of an over thinker or a little too anxious. Once upon a time I naturally had unwavering faith in my own abilities (which is a nice way of saying I was confident and most likely arrogant). Then some pivotal life experiences came along and I found myself having to work at getting that happy and confident feeling – it didn’t come as natural anymore.

Growing up I was always aware of how powerful the mind is and the mind and body connection, thanks to my amazing parents. Then in my forth year at university I had the opportunity to my my honors, which is a year long research project and the writing of a thesis. So I learnt to use research and nerdy science to explain the way I was living and draw on my own experiences.

My obsession with health, science and the mind and body connection lead me to a wellbeing role at school. It was no surprise looking back at it now, that a lot of the teenagers I was working with had common concerns that they would come and speak to me about. I would listen and learn from them, scribble down pictures for them and discover new ways of empowering thinking together. Sometimes, I would teach the same technique three times in one day. I looked around online if there was a place teenagers could go to help with some of these common things, and there was heaps. The only thing I found was they weren’t offering a friendly face behind the advice they were giving. They were ran by these amazing organisations that have done some wonderful things, but I couldn’t find anything like what I was offering. And if a handful of students at my school had these concerns, there was no doubt more teenagers out there who did as well. So I thought, where can other teenagers get the techniques I was sharing? How can I provide these students who where coming to see me with engaging information that they can come back to at any time, that didn’t involve me doodling on a scrap piece of paper? Derrr, online!

So I started my blog. Which quickly morphed from a place for teenagers, to young people and even adults. I broadened my audience and gave myself permission and the freedom to write about anything that I want! Anything I think is interesting, things I read about, experiences I was have, you name it. And I love it! It enables me to express myself and work my creativity muscle. I write for myself, and when people like it, it adds fuel to my fire and is a double bonus.

My Blog

I have been featured in the Happy Schools and the Victorian Catholic Schools Parent Body newsletters with the intention to uplift, educate and challenge your thinking to add more contentment and joy to your everyday.

Whether you are a student, teacher, 7 years old, a plumber or a stay at home mum, know that you are destined for greatness and you are a part of something bigger. You have something no one else can offer, and it is your responsibility to work out what that is. You deserve the success it will bring you once you discover what lights you up.

Keep learning. Trust yourself. Surround yourself with positive people and make a difference in this world. This lifetime is temporary, so live larger.

Disclaimer: my advice is intended to be a resource for you so you can learn more and make informed decisions on your own. It is your decision whether you decide to follow my advice or learn from it. I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist, and my work is not tailored for specific individuals. My work does not meet everyone’s needs and does not replace medication or psychiatric interventions. I have good intentions to spread joy and share skills so you can learn to help yourself. Any posts, comments, opinions and advice are not the responsibility of the Department of Education or employer. 


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