Hot Yoga is designed to heat and detoxify the body. You may have commonly heard of the term ‘Bikram Yoga’, which is a more traditional name, and includes a specific set of yoga postures. My yoga classes aren’t as traditional, and have variations within each class. I’ve learnt to combine the traditions of Bikram yoga with what people want in today’s current day and age. That is, a class that delegates time to relax and unwind from today’s relevant pressures, and at the same time still feel like you’ve had a work out. Our generation tend to want everything, and we don’t want to have to wait for it. Which is why Hot Yoga is perfect. The heat speeds everything up, including fat burning, flexibility and strength, and of course, the sweat and release of toxins factor (more on that later).

Now you know a little about what Hot Yoga is, I’m going to tell you about why it’s so fantastic, and could be something you would like to give a go if you haven’t already. The benefits I discuss below are focused more on the body than the mind. If I tried to squeeze it all in one post it would be way too long. So here it is in a nut shell… enjoy!

We release 30% of our toxins through sweat

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a sweater. I used to get excited if I had one bead of sweat drip off my nose in spin class. It wasn’t from lack of trying, and I haven’t investigated it too much, but I just assumed it was how my body worked. Then after trying Hot Yoga, it poured out of me and I became addicted to the feeling. I can literally feel all of the stress, daily worries and toxins seeping out of my body. It feels amazing.

I love what it does to my skin

Thirty percent of our body’s toxins are released through sweat, making Hot Yoga the perfect place to get rid of toxins from your body that cause blemishes on your skin (your skin is slightly acidic, so when the pH levels are off balance we get blemishes. However, it is common to get a breakout after a sweat session because your body is detoxifying and your skin is the first place to show it. Not to worry, it’s a good sign your body is responding well, and it doesn’t last long. It’s a good sign that it’s working and you’re already on your way to fresher and less tired skin!)

Not only that, but in the heat your skin is encouraged to produce new skin cells more rapidly. I’m sure you know that your skin is constantly shedding – which is the purpose of treatments like facials and microdermabrasion to physically remove the top layer of skin cells. When this happens, old skin cells that are dull are removed and new, plump and fresh ones come to the surface keeping your skin looking radiant. So, a steam room and a Hot Yoga class is like a natural facial where your skin is encouraged to go through this natural process itself – without the need for other (amazing and wonderful, but often expensive) interventions.

I get more out of my session ie. I’m more flexible because my body is warmer and can do more

I can have my legs straight and touch my forehead on my knees in Hot Yoga, but I can’t in room temp yoga. You may be thinking that this environment can cause you to over-stretch and hurt yourself, but that’s not the case. The infrared heaters are designed to increase your core body temperature over 36 degrees, meaning that the body is warmer, and is more flexible. Plus, yoga is about listening to and being aware of your body, which encourages you to lean into discomfort and push yourself without being too overwhelmed to the point of hurting yourself.

It’s also really encouraging when I can do things I didn’t think I could! And motivates me to keep going.

It’s an added challenge

It’s a common misconception for people to say, ‘I don’t like yoga. It’s too slow and boring.’ That might be the case for some people and how they feel after some particular sessions, but the heat in Hot Yoga certainly adds a challenge. The heat adds another wonderful, amazing dimension and challenge not just for your body, but your mind as well.

My Hot Yoga Classes

My Hot Yoga classes are suitable for beginners to advanced yogis. The sequence of postures varies, but we commonly come back to the same ones so you can practice, develop technique, and advance yourself quickly. The classes are filled with a balance of high and low energy, perfect for a workout and some ‘mind-body’ connection and relaxation.

My yoga studio has infrared heating panels installed that have an incredible therapeutic effect. The purpose of infrared heaters are they are designed to heat your body’s core temperature, rather than heating the space or the room.

Yoga increases your blood circulation, which has a number of incredible effects on your body. Including:

  • speeds up absorption of nutrients in your digestive system and the removal of waste
  • increases amount of fresh blood and oxygen to your working muscles, including your brain
  • the increase of blood to muscles can assist the healing of damaged tissues, reduce joint pain, muscle pain and other (possibly sport) injuries
  • promotes flexibility, mobility and relaxation

The wonderful thing about HOT YOGA is, all these benefits are amplified! The heat speeds up these processes in your body, making you get even more out of your yoga session.

It’s best if you come to class well hydrated from the day and the day before to get the best out of your session! Also, it’s recommended that you are over 16 to participate in Hot Yoga classes because of the stage of development your body is at. Get in contact if you have questions about it!


term 1 2019

*excluding Thursday the 17th of January.


If you are interested in trying a class, please complete the Registration form below and send us an email or message on Facey! (Emily East).

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Featured image from Equal Yoga.

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