If you’re wanting to achieve a goal, whether it be starting up a business, achieving a selected weight or completing an act you feel may be out of your level, I think speaking it out loud to others is the best way to hold yourself accountable to take action on it… If you tell no one of your goals, it’s a lot easier to not stay true to them and just coast along just thinking about taking action. My goal is to ride away from a front flip on my dirt bike this year, something that 2 years ago seemed well out of my grasp… Go All The Way… Corey Waldron

Who is Corey ‘Wally’ Waldron?

You may have seen Wally’s half shaved head doing crazy flips and extreme sports on social media, but there is so much more to him than his thirst for adrenaline. I first met Wally a few years ago through my husband, who is a close friend of his. Wally recently made the trip down to come to our wedding, and being in his presence was so uplifting I had to share it with you all.

Wally founded the clothing and lifestyle brand Kinxton Caw and has recently began his media company QMC Films. He sponsors the likes of Karl Herman (Wakeboarder), Liam Fleer (FMX), Reid Battye (Super Bike), Brodie Carmichael (FMX), Dylan Siewert (FMX), Gyles Stainton (FMX), Will Purcell (Professional Bull Rider) and Gregg Duffy (FMX).

His slogan ‘waste not one day’ promotes the living of a full and positive lifestyle. I wanted to pull this apart a little bit more and ask Wally some challenging questions to show you the heart of his two amazing companies.

We talk heartbreak, risk taking, the Law of Attraction, and how important the mind plays into his goal of riding away from a front flip on his motorbike – a stunt he has only ever attempted into a foam pit to date.

So strap yourselves in guys – his answers will blow your mind!

What does a regular day in the life of Corey Waldron look like?

A normal day for Wal… I wake up with gratitude and think of 3 things I’m grateful for – it could be as simple as running water (I do that at bed time, too).

I wake up between 4 and 4:30am. I’m working 12 hour shifts on a coal mine in QLD atm to help build my 2 companies. Then when I get back to camp at 6pm – gym for 30 mins, quick dinner at the hall and on the computer working on QMC Films and Kinxton Caw (dream jobs). I put aside half hour to an hour for learning, a lot of Einstein and Nikola Tesla at the moment -generally YouTube and Google, until 11pm… Weekends are, of course, for doing things that increase my heart rate, you could say! Filming and clothing are also always done on the weekends, too.

Where does your life motto ‘waste not one day’ come from?

My life motto was born when I decided to get a chest piece for the passing of my mother. It was weird – the words just rolled out of my mouth the moment I decided I was getting the tribute on my chest. I searched it through Google for its originality and nothing else came up.

The fact mum passed away when I was so young really made me get a strong understanding on just how short life really is. In reality, a lot of us just cruise through life in a daze, thinking death is something that happens to someone else. I don’t think many of us fully take into account that every day, in all honesty, is one less you have remaining… In saying all of this it took me a few years after the passing to fully understand this myself. This is when I ended the idea of renovating houses on weekends and turning them over for a profit, realising that all work and having money is definitely not the key!!! I swapped it for a back pack and started travelling the world!!!


How has the loss of your beautiful mum influenced your everyday life and your business?

It has easily been the single, biggest influence in my every day life to date. If I find myself in a shitty situation, social/job/health, I always manage to pull myself out just by putting myself in mum’s shoes. My motivation doesn’t just come from the thought of not existing anymore, but the pain you see a terminally ill person go through is tough – so if she can endure all of that until the end, I can easily get through my small insignificant problems… It really has made me a much more grateful person in everyday life I would have to say… Business wise, she is the brand… I never really thought about all this until you asked me these questions! Everything I’m trying to push with Kinxton Caw is what I would have told her…

I would have made her fit so much more into her life – instead of at stages just existing.

I would’ve pushed, pulled and stirred her up to travel and take up more hobbies, until she would tell me off whilst trying to hide her smile… I suppose she has influenced me to have awareness about the fact that we don’t have forever, and if what you want to achieve is risky – whether it be business or sport – do not shy away from it purely for that fact. A mentor of mine told me “I do not want to live life to arrive at death safely.” I couldn’t agree with him more!

What would you say to others who are experienceing heartbreak?

Don’t let the death of a loved one go in vain. Its hard, but use this lesson in loss to your advantage to at least make some good of it – no matter how small the good is.

Whether it be realising that life is short and taking that holiday sooner rather than later. It could be raising awareness of the issue that caused the death, or it could be as simple as realising how lucky you are to be walking around.

I don’t feel there is anything to be gained by prolonging the grieving process. I think grieving is a definite necessity in the process to move forward, but every now and again you see people who clearly never stepped over that hurdle and it has made the rest of there life quite the opposite to fulfilling. Do not get caught up in the ‘what if’s’ and negatives of whatever circumstances played out – that is a game that will eat you for the rest of your days!

Think of your loved one often and look back with a smile, thankful you even had the time you did, and hold close every moment that was granted.

The adolescent brain is not fully developed in the parts associated with risk taking. Because I know you so well, I’d like to challenge you by putting my school teacher hat on and ask you – how do you think your brands appeals to teenagers? Do you think it promotes healthy risk taking?

The adolescent brain is not fully developed in risk taking… good question…

Well, I see many young kids wake boarding, riding scooters, riding motor cross, karting, surfing, skating, riding BMX etc. at a very high level of skill – some better than adults! The majority of the risk taking in what we do are sports where children spend hours and hours practicing, and I feel the majority of children know their limits and stick to them.

Naturally, some children will push the boundaries a lot further, but normally this is their general nature and would take risks regardless of what they see on social media. I know I was!

I think it’s great for children to see things and think, ‘heck yeah, I want to be able to do that one day!’ Right there, is a goal for them and without committing to it and practicing, they won’t achieve that goal. So I think it can work in a positive way when preparation is used. So yes, I think it promotes a healthy risk, although I’m not going to sit here and say it’s all roses and no one will get hurt. That is a part of action sports, and why it lures so many people into its realm! The adrenalin hit and fear of the unknown for some individuals, far out weighs the risk!

I think children and teenagers just see the cool side to the brand as it’s visually appealing to watch, and something they can be apart of without having to do the stunts themselves. Most people that wear action sport labels actually don’t like performing the stunts, they just love the idea of that way of life!


You have in the pipeline an opportunity to perform a front flip. What kind of preparation would you do in the lead up to a stunt like this?

In preparation, I play it through my head repeatedly – not always with a good outcome! I replay what can go wrong, as well as me landing it perfectly. I think I do that to make myself realise that it is dangerous and I really need to add caution and thought into what I am about to do.

I train during the week doing running and gym work to keep my body as fit as it can possibly be to sustain any sort of trauma if something were to go wrong. Confidence is the biggest part of this. Do not even put your gear on if you think your preparation or mindset is off on the day.

Getting your mind around these sorts of activities is 98% of whether or not you are successful.

How important is the mind when achieving your goals?

The mind to me in achieving my goals is paramount. If I were asked 5 years ago, I would’ve said it was very minimal. This would be why I couldn’t do things years ago that I now can do! I tried flipping my dirt bike at age 19 then again at 26- both ended up at outpatients/emergency wards. My 3rd attempt at 30 years old saw me ride away purely from the fact I planned and thought about what I was doing, and didn’t just purely run off adrenaline and impulse.

I know you’re a big believer in the Law of Attraction, could you please explain how you got into this and what is means for you now? 

I discovered the law of attraction nearly 2 years ago through the movie (The Secret). Around that time I tore the end off one of my fingers using a drill at work. This sent me into a bit of a ‘pissed off at myself’ sort of a low. I watched the movie after a friend showed/told me of the book. I soon became very intrigued about this ancient philosophy and quickly tried putting it into use. Within months I found my life had fruitfully picked up in nearly all areas. Things I focused on and imagined were coming together in ways that made me sometimes look back and just think, ‘wow, that was easy! What’s next!’

I’m currently still using these methods and focusing them on bigger goals than before, time will tell to see where things end up.

How important is it for you to surround yourself with like minded people?

Surrounding myself with like minded people is a must. You can’t achieve your goals if you have resistance all the time from people – especially those classed as close friends. Your mindset is something that grows and changes as you learn more and experience different things. I’m not saying to delete the friends out of your life who don’t align or are negative about your goals, just simply spend less time with them and more with ones who support you and believe in you.


Follow Wally on Intagram or visit his website.



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