Stephen R. Covey is the famous author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ He introduced me to the ‘sharpening the saw’ concept, which speaks so loudly to me and anyone else that I share it with. Within this book, Stephen unpacks the need to sharpen our saw’s in four different aspects of our lives; mind, body, heart and soul.

I believe that Yoga can sharpen our saw in all four of these aspects within us, and kill two birds in one stone, so to speak.

Sharpening the saw

Sometimes we feel so busy and like we have too much to do, that we think we don’t have time to stop and do things for ourselves. The truth is, we can’t afford not to take time out for ourselves. How ridiculous does it sound when someone who has so much wood to cut says they don’t have time to stop and sharpen their axe. When in reality, if they took the time to sharpen the axe, they would be so much more efficient. And happier!

Yoga can sharpen your mind, body and soul

Looking at the table below, yoga fits so neatly in all aspects of self. Obviously is sharpens the saw in a physical sense because it is physical exercise which has even more obvious benefits; it sharpens our mental state in that we learn more about ourselves, physically and mentally; our heart saws are sharpened because you can practice yoga with friends or your partner and share the experience together, or it can calm your mind so you can give more to the people around you; and last but not least, our soul’s are taken care of in that it incorporates an element of meditation and mindfulness.



Eat healthy

Sleep, rest









Helping others

Laughing, sharing





Emotional nourishment

Yoga was originally practiced only by men and was passed down from father to son in India. There is some amazing history behind it, but women had a huge impact and role in bringing the practice of yoga to the Western world. And as you know, here in the west, we want results and we want them now! So when I practice yoga I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy the work out and fat burn just as much as I like the way it calms my mind and gives me incredible amounts of mental and physical energy.

Yoga is what you make it, and that will be different for everyone. It’s not just about gentle moves, building flexibility or strength, it can be a practice to promote happiness and tranquility to the mind.

Yoga sharpens my saw in all aspects of my life. Zac and I practice together every Friday, so it’s something wonderful we can do just for us and to spent quality time with each other. It sharpens my work saw because my mind is trained to be more focused and effective, and my personal yoga business fills my heart and soul because I am able to surround myself with wonderful people who get so much out of my classes.

Yoga girl


Do you yoga?

What does it mean to you?

What aspect of your life does it impact the most?

Featured images from @nude_yogagirl

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