A weekly planner empowers you to put first things first and gives you the freedom and flexibility to handle unexpected events, to shift appointments if you need to, to nurture relationships and deeply enjoy spontaneous experiences, knowing that you have organised your week to accomplish key goals in every area of your life. Stephen R. Covey.

Lots of people ask how I have time to do all that I do. And I think a few things contribute to it. Firstly, I think it’s my relentless optimism and drive to do more and be more, with the balance of trusting life and letting things happen. But another key to me being proactive and organised is by doing a weekly planner. I don’t do it all the time, but when I do it bloody feels good!

I love a ‘to do’ list, it just feels good to tick things off and know what needs to be done. So when I read ‘ The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ by Stephen R. Covey, I loved his idea of the weekly planner.

I’ve modified it a bit and added in some positive psychology practices that I like to do, and have created my own weekly planner that I would like to share with you.

What roles to you have in your life?

During my yoga course, we discussed our intentions by breaking our lives up into three categories. Self, work and relationships. So whatever aspect of your life, it can always fit into one of these categories. Sometimes when I plan my week, I will break these down further if I feel the need. For example, work could be made into two roles of my blog or my work at school. Or, relationships might be my friendships, my family or my darling relationship with Zac. The East man.

What I’ve also been doing is adding to my roles ‘wedding planner.’ So it just depends on what you have going on. Stephen used 7 roles in his book, but I tend to use about 4 or 5. You might like to start off with the three that I recommended, but be sure that you include ‘self’! It’s the most important.

So once you have your roles sorted, then you can plan what goals or intentions you have for each of them that particular week. For example:

Self: Massage appointment

Relationships: Yoga class with Zac

Work: Science planning for Year 9’s, write an article for my blog

Wedding Planner: Visit the flower shop and place an order

These roles and intentions funnily enough go in the ‘roles and intentions’ section, before you add them into your planner on the days you want to get them done.

The actual planner





I am grateful for…




I am grateful for…




I am grateful for…




I am grateful for…





I am grateful for…





I am grateful for…





I am grateful for…


I like to write my planner in a journal, you might like to keep it on your computer or just make a mental note of it without writing it down. But whatever you choose to do that works for you and fits your lifestyle, give it a go. After a week, you’ll be addicted.

This planner is for everyone!

It’s not just for people like me who like ‘to do’ lists, it’s for anyone who regularly feels the pinch of ‘business’; which is often worn like a batch of honor or like a competition for who has the most on.

If you want to see changes, you have to make changes. We are all living the life we are meant to, and we are all already perfect. But hey, why not give something different a go and see if it empowers you like it has empowered me.

Then you might have more time to relax and look fabulous like this babe in the red shades.


Featured images via @thebirdcageboutique

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