During my two week intensive yoga training course, I again learnt about anatomy and the amazing systems in the human body. I studied Biology and Psychology at school in Year 12, I studied Science and the human body again in beauty school, then went to university to major in Biology and Psychology, and I’ve been now teaching Science for two years in Secondary school. The human body and it’s amazing functions seems to be a common factor in most things that I involve myself in. AND I LOVE IT!!

I love the human body

I like to say that our bodies are smarter than us. Our bodies are so clever at keeping us alive, no matter what we throw at it without even thinking twice. We eat breaky and our amazing body turns that into energy. We get too hot and all these wonderful functions in our body happen to cool ourselves down, and when we have too much salt there are many intricate and complex systems that our kidney’s are responsible for to make sure we have just the right amount in our body.

Your body protects you, energizes you, heals you, as well as enables you to keep breathing a thinking.

Listen to your body

Knowing how to take care of our body is the most important information you can ever learn. And how we take care of it will determine how well you are able to live your life.

When we get symptoms of something, whether it be a sore throat, or a pimple or feeling sluggish, that is our bodies way of talking to us. The human body has been self healing for centuries, but in today’s day and age we tend to go for the quick fix. I can be a culprit of this, when I want something, I tend to want it right now! But instead of thinking about why we have a headache, it’s common to reach straight for the panadol. This is merely a temporary band aid that suppresses what the body is trying to communicate with you.

Positive body image is not finding a different way to look at the parts of you that you don’t like. It’s about loving yourself from the inside out

I recently listened to a lady speak about body image. What I found interesting about it was all the positive things she said about her body was derived from a negative thing. She kept picking out things about her body that she didn’t like, and then she would put a positive spin on it. She explained this as being positive body image. It got me thinking about what I think it means to have a healthy and positive body image.

I don’t think a healthy and positive body image is about ‘image’ at all

When you have an understanding and appreciation of the human body from the inside out, what it looks like doesn’t matter. Yes, you can lovingly dress your body, love your body and take care of it so it looks nice, but to do this with pure intentions is not superficial, but out of respect and appreciation for what our bodies do for us. It’s kinda like, ‘thanks body, you’ve scratched my back so I’ll scratch yours by making you look nice.’

I haven’t always had this perception, and I know all women will compare themselves to someone more thin, with better hair, more insti followers or better arms at some point in there lives. And as I wrote in ‘there are two sides to every coin‘, I think we need to feel this at some point to really appreciate the times of happiness and respect for our amazing human physique. It’s the same reason why winning feels so good… because losing SUCKS!!

When you understand how amazing, how incredible, how beautiful your body is, right now, right this very second, ‘image’ and how it looks is secondary. Love your body, and care for how it looks. But be aware of your intentions when you do… so, are you lovingly dressing yourself?


Featured image via @glam_dreams

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