Louise Hay is my bist frind. I am so grateful that my mum bought me and my sisters her book when we were young, and I have grown up knowing that there is a connection between the way my body felt and the thoughts circulating my mind.

It’s takes constant awareness and work, and even if I am aware of my thoughts, changing them isn’t always as simple as that. Although, what helps me is what I read in Ekhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now, ‘How do you drop a hot piece of coal? You simply just drop it.’

Mental images that can help you change a thought pattern

I’m sure I am not the only one who has had sleepless nights or trouble getting to sleep. When there are what seems to be a billion different thoughts going on in our minds, and we get sucked into listening to them and let them tell their story, the first step towards blissful sleep is becoming an observer of your thoughts. Take a step back and watch them, separate yourself from them and become a bystander.

When I find this too difficult and not helpful, the next trick I try is to substitute the messy thoughts that are keeping me awake, with a calm and pleasant thought that will have me pushing z’s in no time. My personal favourite is from the Queen herself, Louise Hay. She so kindly shared these amazing words that I put on repeat in my mind to not only force the other thoughts out of my head, but have me feeling better about myself, too. They are: I lovingly release the day, and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorrow will take care of itself. I know this saying off by heart, and it’s a game changer on those restless nights.

My finance, Zac, has told me that imagining your thoughts are pieces of paper that you are scrunching up and hitting away with a ginormous tennis racquet works for him. And let’s not forget the famous sheep counting.

Feeling anxious can give you stomach aches

Louise Hay is an author who has famously published books that connect thought patterns with illness or dis-ease. She writes about different body parts and functions and what each represent, which can help us identify thinking patterns we might not be aware of. For example, when I get a sore throat (throat represents words and communication), Louise says that this is because I am holding in angry words. So whenever I get a sore throat, it’s a great opportunity for myself to check in with my thinking and feelings and investigate subconscious thoughts to help heal myself. Because, that’s what the body was designed to do, after all.

Success stories

My friend came to see me one day for a catch up. We were talking about her feelings and relationships, and she told me that she felt angry a lot of the time. Conversation went on and we began to talk about our skin, as girls do. She was annoyed about the small pimples on her forehead and how it was so congested. She was skeptical of Louise Hay at this stage, and when I bought my book out to look up what she says about skin, it got us both laughing out loud. Skin like hers was caused by small outbursts of anger.

One morning when I was a poor university student, I found it really difficult getting dressed. I felt like I had nothing to wear that I felt nice in, and everything I owned was pre-loved by one of my sisters. This particular morning was unusual, and not a common feeling I had every morning. By morning tea, my mouth was full of ulcers. It was so painful that I couldn’t speak. I looked in my Louise Hay bible, and she told me that I wasn’t feeling good about myself. She hit the nail on the head, and it instantly hit me in the face how my thinking had caused my ulcers. I kid you not, I had the affirmation in my head on repeat (because I wanted to get rid of those ulcers ASAP), and by the time I went to bed that night, they were gone.

Our bodies are so clever

These are only small stories, but the message is huge. Our bodies are so clever, they tell us how we are feeling and let us know any unhelpful thoughts we may be having. Tune in and listen, google Louise Hay and maybe even buy her book. I promise you won’t regret it.

Think of a time when you were experiencing illness or a time of dis-ease. Can you make a connection now with what you were feeling and some thoughts you were having?

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