Not awesome at computers? Me neither.

Is it helpful for me to spend hours trying to be ‘good’ at computers? It could be, but I can probably guess that I would be frustrated at least 80% of the time. I would have some serious self-doubt and self-loathing going on and I would be feeling down about myself when I realise how much I actually don’t know, but really wish I did.

So why bother? I know an amazing person at school who would gladly help me with any computer questions I have. When I leave his office, I always feel wonderful and proud of myself knowing I have been productive and problem solved in an effective way. And! I have got the job done! I didn’t necessarily do it myself, but I took the initiative and went to the right person to help me, and learnt a little bit about computers on the way. Now that, is self-empowerment.

“There’s nothing wrong with you that what is right with you won’t fix.”

I’m not sure where I heard this quote, but it is spot on. Too often we focus on our weaknesses and put so much effort into improving them. But I would love to shift that focus onto our strengths and what we are good at. What if we spent just as much time developing and extending our strengths as we did improving our weaknesses? We’d be flying, and we would feel awesome about ourselves too. Because when we like what we are doing and think we are not terrible at it, we feel good. And who doesn’t want to feel good?

Capitalize on your strengths and talents of others, rather than wasting time on your weaknesses.

Instead of panicking about what we aren’t good at, recognise the strength you need in someone else and collaborate with them. You’ll fit together like a puzzle, and you will never again sweat the small stuff.

Recognising strengths of others is key

When I need advice on what dress to buy for an event, I talk to my sister or my friend Amy. When I need help with anything about cars, I talk to my dad. I go to Zac when I need help with things around the house and if I need something at work, I can ask my friend Ebony.

I know so well the strengths of others around me, that I can utilise them whenever I need. Even when I think I have everything under control, another opinion on something is always beneficial. They can comment on what I’m doing and I can take that advice or leave it. Either way, my work will improve because I have taken on some good advice, or my opinion will be stronger and I will be more educated because I have considered different view points other than my own.

My point is, it’s OK not to be awesome at everything. Because what you are needing, someone else near you always has it. Just like you have strengths that others need sometimes, too.

It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. Napoleon Hill. 

We achieve so much more when we work together

Our whole world is literally built by collaborating and working together. None of us would be here if males didn’t collaborate with females to make babies, and on a smaller scale, finding a job where we didn’t need others to either help us or contribute in some way is impossible. And I can guarantee you, the most successful and happy people have learnt to work well with others and used strengths of those around them to climb the ladder of success.

In short, learn strengths of those around you and work with them to maximize your own potential. Know that you have something to offer in return that other’s are looking for, and feel good about problem solving in ways that make you feel good, rather than wasting time trying to get talents other people have. Celebrate your own unique talents instead, and draw upon those around you when you need to.


Basketball team

Think of an example when you benefited from the strengths and talents of someone else. Perhaps a sport coach, teacher, friend or parent.

When have you used your talents and strengths to help someone else?

Are you working on something at the moment? A personal project or a school assignment? Who can you go see to improve your work? Think outside the box. 



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