My current situation while writing this post, is sitting on my couch with my puppy, Duke, laying on my lap. It makes it difficult to type, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m not only obsessed with my dog. I’m obsessed with all dogs. And with any other pets for that matter, and I’ll tell you why.

Who looses their mind with excitement when I get home?

Who doesn’t ask questions, but I know is listening better than any one else ever could?

Who gives me unlimited attention and I know wants me around all the time?

No surprises there, it’s my dog.

What science says about owning a pet

Harvard Health published an article explaining the scientific research behind why pet owners tend to be healthier than the average person. A part from the obvious reasons of keeping you active and outdoors, owning a pet can do wonders for your emotions and keeping you happy.

We achieve our best results and feel on top of our game when we are feeling loved, have companionship and feel like we have a purpose. And that is exactly what a pet can give you. 

A study done by Harvard Medical School found that owning a pet does more than improve your emotions. They found that your body starts to function better as well. Owning a pet and feeling connected to it affects your brain’s stress response, which has all these amazing benefits like reducing your anxiety levels.

“There was even a recent study in the journal Science about how oxytocin is boosted in both the dog and the human when a dog owner stares into eyes of the dog. That’s really fascinating,” says Dr. Fricchione, director of the Harvard-affiliated Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. Oxytocin is one of the body’s “feel good” chemicals and also makes you feel more confident in social situations. How amazing?!

No matter what you say or do, your pet loves you for who you are. That feeling alone can boost your confidence and fill you with joy. 

Dog Medicine

On my bookshelf, I have a novel called Dog Medicine. It is a true story written about a 22 year old university student who is suffering from severe depression. Psychiatrists, therapists and family members couldn’t stop her from sinking further into suicidal depression. Nothing reached her until she adopted a Golden Retriever puppy named Bunker. It’s an amazing story about recovering from depression and how the love of a dog can heal even the most broken of hearts.

Animals have astonishing healing powers.

Just looking at your pet, noticing their behaviour and predicting what they are feeling and thinking can be an amazing practice to help settle your thoughts and give you clarity. When you have a lot of head noise and recognise that you need to feed your optimism or recharge your batteries, focusing on your pet can do just that.

Duke is here proofreading my work to make sure I say nice things about him and get a photo of his good side. 

Duke proofreading

Do you have a pet? I would love to hear from you. 


  1. Hi Emily,
    I find this really inspiring, especially the book called “Dog Medicine”. I found it amazing that an adopted puppy saved a girls life. I thought I would let you know that I have had 3 kittens before; their names were Daisy, Milo and my most recently bought pet was for my birthday last year and I named her Coco. Unfortunately, the first 2 ran away and we made the mistake of not micro-chipping them. However, for Coco, we micro-chipped her, desexed her and we kept her for about 7 months before we had to sell her to move into out new home. Anyway, Duke looks very cute in the photos, and by the way, what type of dog is he?
    Hope to hear more from you on your blog soon!

    P.S. I am one of Jane’s students! (I remember saying hi to you once on FaceTime!)


  2. I work with your sister. Love your blog. You are super inspiring. I have two miniature daschunds.
    I love them both, one of them in particular, Radda,we have a very strong connection.
    She was with us on our wedding day, she was with us during my labour, supporting my husband and I as I gave birth, she has been by our side through everything. Two weeks ago she had emergency back surgery and we thought we were going to loose her or she would be paralysed. We were distraught for the whole week not knowing what the outcome would be. Thankfully she is strong and is recovering and healing and getting lots and lots of extra attention.
    It upsets me when people say “its just a dog” Love is love and we love our dogs so much.
    The energy and unconditional love of animals is one of life’s greatest gifts.
    I loved reading your post. 🙂


    1. Hi Belinda,

      Thanks so much for sharing! I completely understand and love how you put it ‘love is love.’ That would have been heartbreaking so I’m warmed to hear that she is recovering well. I can’t believe how much I love my dog, I didn’t expect to have so much love for him ha!! But he is amazing.

      Thanks again,




  3. I found this really inspiring to read, especially when you explained about how adopting a puppy can save a girls life. I do have a cat named Shadow we got him 2 years ago as a family Christmas present, he was brought to the vet with his mum and sister. They explained that they found the mum giving birth to the two kittens in the streets and that they needed a new home as soon as possible. Ever since I had shadow he has helped me with calming my stress levels down.


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