Chances are, you are going to have a disagreement or fight with someone. Either your friends, family members, teachers or coaches. Each and every single human being living and breathing on this planet is extremely different from one another. Which I think is amazing and keeps things interesting, but it also means we definitely won’t see eye to eye with everyone. Probably not even most people.

I’m not one to suggest ‘if you don’t get on with someone, just stay away from them’. I don’t think this solves any problem. It simply avoids it. Sometimes we might need to make a conscious decision that not being around that person is a good idea, but avoiding our problems isn’t really a good habit to form. Because I can guarantee you, one day, you’ll have to actually solve a problem when avoiding it can’t be done.

So what, I’m just meant to hang out and be friends with all the people who annoy me?


I’m not saying you have to like everyone. As I said earlier, we are all so different, so liking everyone would be a bit difficult! It would just be helpful, and a lot easier for you to learn how to ‘tolerate’, ‘work with’ or my favourite, ‘accept’ people for who they are, whether you like them or not.


If you have had a fight with someone, acceptance is the solution my friends. Accept the fact that we are all different. Accept the fact that we don’t agree on everything. Accept that other people see things differently which is a great thing, otherwise we would all be the same and life would be boring. Besides, who is to say you are right and the other person is wrong? Who made us King or Queen of right and wrongs? If we are feeling really strong and passionate about it, accepting it can take longer, but I can tell you that replacing those frustrated or sad thoughts in your head with one’s of acceptance, you’ll begin to feel a lot more at peace. Besides, no one actually wants to feel this way, so it’s helpful to have a strategy of dealing with it when it comes around.

Let the dust settle

It’s hard to see through a dust storm, amirite? So it’s a good habit to practice to wait for the dust to settle before we can see clearly. Same goes for our emotions. After an argument or conflict, our emotions are high and we feel angry, upset, frustrated etc. It makes it difficult for us to react or make a clear and helpful decision this way – it’s best to let the dust settle, our emotions to calm down, before we can think about the best way to handle the situation.

So when you’re finding someone difficult to be around, accept that person as they are knowing that our differences make us unique, just as you would expect them to accept you for you. If you need to, let the your emotions settle before you make any decisions. And lastly, talk to someone about it! This doesn’t mean going behind that persons back and blowing up the situation – it means confiding in someone who will listen, understand and let you blow off steam before you can accept the person for who they are and we can all go on with living our lives.



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  1. This article really connected with me because I recently was involved in an argument with one of my close friends, and over the following days I realised that this friendship wasn’t mentally healthy for me because I was feeling sad and alone, so I decieded to try a couple of ideas so I could gain my friendship back. Thank you xx


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