Thank you, Instgram, for giving us the #nomakeup #nofilter selfies so that we can see what Hollywood celebrities really look like.

For a long time, freckles have been given a bad wrap. A lot of people assume freckles come from sun exposure (which explains why freckles are never found on babies), but dermatologist Alicia Barber, who featured in the ‘Women’s Health’ magazine, said freckles are ‘just your skin type’.

So, if you’ve been paying attention in biology class (and why wouldn’t you, only the best teachers teach it), then you might know about genes and why you look the way that you do. You’ll know that half of your genetic information comes from your dad and the other half comes from your mum. This means your parents passed on, through their genes, the instructions for freckly skin, to you. Thanks mum and dad!

Obviously, I love my science. But what gets me really excited are the celebrities celebrating their freckles. No longer are freckles seen as ‘imperfections’, but a raging beauty trend!

Let’s kick it off with Kendall Jenner. She posted this photo showcasing beautiful freckles.

Kendall Jenner freckles

Quick to follow is little sis, Kylie Jenner. These chicks have the money and power to hide their freckles from the world, forever. But instead, they are choosing to take selfies celebrating them! I think it makes them look real, honest and fresh.

Kylie Jenner Freckles.png

Enough about the Jenners, let’s look at this selfie from Gigi Hadid. I have no words for it! Amazing. Stunning. Fresh. Young. Clean… ok, so maybe I have some words to describe this photo.



The point I’m making is, if you’re lucky enough to have freckles, embrace them. They signify your uniqueness and can make you stand out. Believe me. I’m an identical twin sister, and the only way people could tell the difference between us for a long time was by looking at the freckles I had on my nose! So a big thank you to my mum and dad, for giving me freckles and making me my own person! I’m proud to be different, and I’m proud to be real.

So, get your freckles out! They’re in!




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