An optimist is someone you want to be around. They’re happiness and attitude is contagious and you feel good by being with them. They have a knack of turning a negative situation on it’s head, and can see the positives that can come out of it.

A Pessimist is the opposite. It the tendency or habit to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen, aka a Debbie Downer or Negative Nancy. 

I’m an optimist, but that doesn’t mean I am happy all of the time. It means if I’m feeling sad, flat, angry or frustrated, I know that this is the time to feed my optimism. So when I am feeling down or not myself, or I can hear Negative Nancy creeping into my head, there are a number of things I love to do to feed my optimism. Here are just my top 10…

1. Time with family

2. Time with friends

3. Time with my puppy Duke

4. Netball and exercise

5. Cups of tea!

6. Reading

7. Teaching

8. Meditating/relaxing

9. Shopping

10. Blogging, of course

What feeds my optimism

Optimists are healthier!

Practicing listening to your thoughts and noticing when they are pessimistic or optimistic, you have the power to choose which thoughts you pay attention to! Besides, people who are good at swapping pessimistic thoughts for optimistic ones live longer, have healthier immune systems, cope better with difficult circumstances, have healthier babies, are happier, learn better and are funner to be around!

So… what feeds your optimism?

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