This site is designed to help you access your intuitive creativity and provide you with guidance to lead mindfully. It is when we live authentically ourselves, we can truly educate and lead the way for others around us.


I’m Emily Barnes

I live with relentless optimism and an urgent ambition to do more and be more. I’m obsessed with helping people realise that we all have a unique a beautiful soul, and it is our purpose to discover what that is. It’s time to show up, step up, and be the change we want to see.

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25/08/2017 My Master Class: empowering young people by empowering ourselves

Join me, Emily Barnes, secondary school teacher, well being coach and researcher, as I provide practical guidance on how to create the lives we want to live and be truly influential to the young people around us, in my exclusive Master Class. Find out more by clicking here Eventbrite - Emily Barnes' Master Class: empowering young people by empowering ourselves or visit my events page!

You have a beautiful positive energy and your openness and self awareness is a credit to you. I love how motivated and focused you are,  and you can see that it comes from such a pure place of wanting to really better this world.

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I can see the hard work you put into looking after our class and making sure that we have as many opportunities as possible. You work so hard to put us in a good mindset and you always manage to tell us we’re special.

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I have been communicating with Emily since the beginning of the year and she has been incredible in her commitment to addressing problems and helping get settled this year. I cannot thank her enough for her compassion and dedication and her efforts to try and make school life better.

What people are saying